Already ordered our new Surfski called


Compared to the previous surfski with the Phantom, the gravity has been lowered, so it is more stable.
The seat is more comfortable, the adjustable footrests better, because we improved it. Now the different heights of people can be used the kayak.

We offer this boat for clubs, rents and I recommend for those who love sports.

We equip handles on the boat if you need.
You can choose the colours too in ral scale.
Jus you need to send us the colours nr. and we make it.


Dragon boat clubs at the request of the new canoes will be ready soon, which will be specifically designed to the Dragon boat clubs meet the needs.

The hull is identical with dynamic canoe, but the right and left side support can be mounted the ahma. Have an important role in training and the qualifications. Dynamic Dragon canoe under the same conditions to the right andleft rowing athletes to train and assess.

The size makes it easy to transport. fits on top off the car. Dynamic self Dragon canoe races can be organized.

The new Outrigger


This is a very slim and fast canoe. It glide very well, it is easy to manoeuvrable and more comfortable boat.
You can take the side support (ahma) quick and easy with fix connection. Dynamic canoe is a slim boat, but with the ahma, is a very stable and fast boat therefore beginners and paracanoes competitors like use it.
We offer Dynamic OC-1 for Dragon boat trainings, racing selections and Ourtiggers competitions or just use it and feel the difference!

Respected Partners!

Our intention is to establish business relations with foreign partners who agree to sell and distribute our products.

In addition, we are open to undertake quantity production of such products which our prospective partners are dealing in, and which we could manufacture for them by assignment.

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Our canoes ( Albatross 1 and Albatross 2) adopted by ICF

The offical boats for Paracanoe racings.

These boats are training boat adopted by Hungarian Dragonboat Association.

Hello Jozsef,

i have to tell you that i am very satisfied with my snow goose type kayak. It is fast and quite stable, i went to thriatlon competition where we have to paddle instead swim and i was very good in paddling. One guy with your surf kayak was even 2., i was on 20. place from 180 competitors.
You can put picture in attacment on your web site if you want.

Can you tell me if i can put back straps on my kayak-behind the seat, to have more stable back? How much does it costs? I notice a text about that on your web site, but when i was ordering the kayak there wasn't nothing about back straps.

Best regards from Slovenia,

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